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Update on Legal Cannabis Issues Provided at Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo.

Jeffrey Matura spoke at the Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo held in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mr. Matura discussed legal issues and trends facing individuals and businesses involved in the legal cannabis industry.  Mr. Matura also provided advice regarding best practices to ensure compliance with all state laws and

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Jeffrey Matura and Melissa England joined the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association

Arizona Cannabis Bar Association

Jeffrey Matura and Melissa England joined the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association, whose mission is to educate lawyers and the public on cannabis law and to serve the needs of responsible cannabis legislation and regulation.  Ms. England was also elected to serve as the secretary of the Association

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Enforceability of Contracts Involving Cannabis

Cannabis Law Presentation

Melissa England presented to other lawyers and industry experts regarding the enforceability of contracts involving cannabis at the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in connection with its presentation on Arizona’s War on Drugs: Cannabis Law in Arizona.  Ms. England provided an in-depth examination

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Arizona Proposition 205

arizona medical marijuana law

Arizona Proposition 205, which would legalize the adult use of marijuana, would still make driving under the influence of marijuana illegal.  Currently, however, there is no reliable way to test whether someone is under the influence of marijuana.  A California-based company, Houndlabs, is trying to change that

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Victory for individuals and businesses involved in the Arizona legal marijuana industry

arizona marijuana law firm

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which sets the laws for Arizona and other western states, has unanimously ruled that the United States Department of Justice cannot prosecute medical marijuana patients and suppliers of marijuana for violating federal cannabis laws if those individuals comply with state laws

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