Medical and Recreational Cannabis and Marijuana Law

The medical and recreational cannabis industry is emerging throughout the country. The legal and regulatory landscape is complex; yet, it offers unique opportunities for business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and others who can navigate these complexities to achieve their business and personal goals.

The marijuana lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura have provided legal advice to those involved in, or seeking to enter, the legal medical and recreational cannabis industry in Arizona, Nevada, and California since 2012. As more states pass new laws to permit medical or recreational cannabis use, Graif Barrett & Matura has expanded its practice and assisted businesses and individuals around the country with forming business entities, performing due diligence on acquisitions, applying for licenses, understanding state-specific laws, developing policies and procedures, handling employment issues, finding investors, and ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

In Arizona, Nevada, and California, the marijuana lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura routinely advise dispensaries, cultivation facilities, investors, business owners, employees, testing companies, and others regarding compliance with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, the Nevada Medical and Recreational Marijuana Establishment Program, the California Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, and the California Adult Use of Marijuana Act. They also provide advice regarding corporate structures, contracts, and licensing issues that arise with the growing, production, and sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

When disputes arise, the lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura also handle litigation matters involving all aspects of the medical and recreational cannabis industry, including disputes before judges and juries in various state courts, arbitrators on arbitration panels, and administrative law judges in proceedings against the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, and the California Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation. The marijuana lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura are often at the forefront of emerging legal issues and routinely create new law to benefit those involved in the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

The lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura advise businesses and individuals with respect to all issues that arise within the medical and recreational cannabis and marijuana industry, including the following:

  • Corporate structure
  • Compliance with state laws and regulations
  • Contract formation
  • Policies and procedures
  • Licensing
  • Employment handbooks
  • Cultivation facilities and compliance
  • Dispensary regulations
  • Lobbying
  • Real estate and management
  • Partnership disagreements
  • Contract interpretation
  • Employment matters
  • Supplier and manufacturing agreements
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Administrative hearings
  • Litigation disputes

The lawyers at Graif Barrett & Matura have extensive experience in all areas regarding medical and recreational cannabis law. They are also active in industry-specific organizations, including the National Cannabis Bar Association, the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association, the Defense Research Institute – Marijuana Law, the Cannabis Business Executive Convention, and other local and national organizations that seek to provide comprehensive and practical legal solutions to the cannabis industry.

Graif Barrett & Matura has the experience with Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana Law, making us the firm you need in order to be successful in the legal marijuana business.

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Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of legal marijuana business owners from federal and state law.

Medical and Recreational Cannabis and Marijuana Law September 30, 2016


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